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Safa Homoeopathic and Speciality Clinic

Safa Homoeopathic and Speciality Clinic was launched on Friday 01st February 2008 by the auspicious hands of my parents Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Abdullah (MSc. Maths), Mrs. Arjumand Bano Shabbir and my grandfather Mr. S. M. Akbar, the function was presided over by Dr. Prof. Layeeq Ahmed Abdullah (MSc.Maths;Phd) of Aurangabad and Mr. Shaikh Zakir Hasan.

Since its very inception, we have been providing excellent outpatient services for all types of paediatric diseases, as well as all types of gynaecological, obstetrics, Infertility related cases, also we deal with all types of dental complaints/diseases. In the beginning, the OPD was active in the mornings and evenings, but because of our punctual, honest and competent services, we soon had a busy practice.

By 2010, our reputation as a busy and trustworthy Homoeopathic clinic was well established. In the same year, we were joined by Dr. Meer Shazia Irfan, a leading Homoeopathic Gynaecologist in Pune. In due course, we assembled the best of Pune?s and Ahmednagar?s medical talent in the form of Dr. Naushin Shaikh, a Homoeopathic Gynaecologist, Dr. Sikhalgar Jasmin, a Dentist.

Today, our clinic has two well equipped consulting rooms

and a two-room unit for day care; we also have facilities to provide computerized Homoeopathic management, patient record systems and a detail patient database with their follow-up.

Recently at Safa Clinic we have started Hijamah (Cupping Therapy). We are proud tht this is first official Hijamah Center of Ahmednagar District; where we provide separate facilities for Gents and Ladies

Apart from our Homoeopathic Paediatric doctor, we also have reputed consultants.

  • Dr. Meer Shazia, Homoeopathic Gynaecologist, was also attached to Mother Care Hospital, Pune.
  • Dr. Naushin Shaikh, Homoeopathic Gynaecologist, also attached to Wagh Nursing Home, Ahmednagar.
  • Dr. Mohsin Shaikh, ENT Surgeon, also attached to Ahmednagar Civil Hospital, Ahmednagar
  • Dr. Jinesh Bora, Homoeopathic Consultant, also attached to Bora?s Clinic, Ahmednagar.
  • Dr. Devendra Jawale, Homoeopathic Consultant, also attached to Lalait-Ichha Clinic, Ahmednagar.

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